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Please do not hesitate to contact us For any of your questions perhaps we have tried to answer some of them below!

 Do you want to sale your property and no body buys it?  it may be because of bad luck!  contact him!

Do you have many cars but most of them get mechanical problems all the time?

Is your love  gets angry with you all the time without big reasons?

Are your children  become mad at you and whatever you tell them No one listens?

Are your dogs noises every night  even  when they don't see any body?

Do you some times lose appetite  even when you are hungry?

Are excessively addicted to any thing and you want to quit but no ways?

Is your partner  having bad behaviors  and no good corporations at home?

Do you finish quick at the bed even when your partner still continuing ?

Do you sleep and dream about snakes,black cats, people chasing you and fight you badly?

Do you dream about dead people and bloody stuffs?

Is your boss don't want promote you even though you've worked for long period?

Do you need a lot of money but you don't know where to get it?

Do you sit  in your  shop and no customer to visit  you?

Are  the people robbing you whoever you deal with?  and many more...

What do you think about your business and ways to improve

Have you ever wondered why you wake up in morning while feeling dizzy and powerless, no strength?
Have you ever wake up in the morning while feeling like you don’t want to go to work?
Have you ever thought about creating a business deal when you have money, suddenly you forgot about it? While money get finished and yet you remember it?
Have you ever borrowed money or something to somebody before and suddenly that person hates you after that?
Have you ever start a business with all your last money and suddenly it gets lost by losing capital even failing to pay rents?
Have you ever realize why other workers being promoted and paid big salaries while you are not? And yet you are hard working and well educated too?
Have you ever think that you are clever enough but your cleverness directs you to wrong way?
Have you ever loved a woman /a man with all your heart and give her /him everything, after that she/he starts to cheat on you?
Have you ever realized how it hearts to make sex to your lover and you don’t satisfy her/him?
Have you ever get a surprising shock when your lover tells you that you have a small and weak penis which doesn’t satisfy her?
Have you ever being told by your lover that if you can’t have a child is going to leave you for another lover?

Question: How long does it take for a spell to work?

Question: How long will the effects of a spell last?

Answer: The choices you make and the actions you take help to contribute to the success (or lack of success) of your goal. Although magic immediately impacts the person or area the spell(s) are cast on, tangible results can take anywhere from a few days to several months depending on your particular circumstances. There are many factors that can affect the timing and outcome or your spell work. Since I do not exercise any control over you either before, during or after the spell casting process, the kind of results achieved, and when they will be achieved, can, to a large degree, depend on you! Be sure to make choices and take actions that are consistent with your goal, in other words; if you order a spell to do well on exams in school, don't skip every class, party every week-end and expect all A's at the end of term, thinking a spell will make up for your poor choices and actions that were not consistent with your goal!

Question: What is the difference between cast once, cast twice and cast thrice?

Answer: Cast once, means the same spell cast one time. Cast twice, means the same spell cast two times in a row to double the power of the spell. Cast thrice, means the same spell cast three times in a row to triple the power of a spell.

Question: Do you offer a guarantee?

Answer: No. People who offer guarantees are implying they can control God, and I am simply not that arrogant. If you are not happy with your results, please do NOT lie to your credit card company by saying you didn't place the order. That will only bring you negative karma. I would much rather give you a refund, than have you incur negative karma. Just send me an email with "Refund Requested" in the subject line. In order to process a refund, please include the following information in the email: your name, the date the spell(s) were ordered, and the email address you used to place the order. Allow one week to process the refund.
Answer: Most spells are permanent. However, let's say you have a fight with your girlfriend and you order the spell "Making Up" to help with that situation. Here is a case of ordering a specific spell to help with a specific situation with a specific person. If you then have an argument with a neighbor a week later, the original spell will not help with the argument with your neighbor, because it was ordered to help with a different situation that happened with a different person.

Question: Do I need to renew my spell, and if so, how often?

Answer: No. As already stated, most spells are permanent. However, some clients tell me they get better results if certain types of spells are cast more than once. The specific types of spells that seem to grow much stronger if cast regularly are: luck, money, protection and weight loss spells. Some clients like to "renew" these spells once a month, although many clients tell me of "extraordinary" results when they renew them weekly.

Question: Don’t you need each person name and birth date, photos, bits of hair, fingernail clippings, the underwear I wore last Thursday, etc?

Answer: NO! In fact, if you send any of these things, I will NOT cast your spell! Here’s why; think of Spiritual Energy as water and think of me as a garden hose. Spiritual Energy flows through me to the person requesting a spell in order to bring about the desired results. Photos and other “props” are a fakes way of getting you to buy into phony, Hollywood type magic. Anyone with real ability will tell you that less is better. The more information you give them, and the more “props” you supply them with, the more you interrupt the natural “flow” of Spiritual Energy. It’s like crimping the hose and then wondering why the water won’t flow through it! I fully trust Universal Forces to know exactly who you are, what your situation is, who else is involved, and exactly what is needed in order to get the most constructive results.

What is Amayembe spirits ?

Amayembe is called an hidden  spiritual jinns which you can  hire for $ 3500  and keep it in your business  while it  automatically  fetches most targeted customers in your business. and then return it after the job is done (100% money back guarantee)

Amayembe are the group of spiritual jinns which was created and existed to their generations  before human beings, but they were spiritually gifted and  were messengers from god.

when their generation ended  , they spread on earth  and are  hidden into different  fashions and some are residing on top of the mountains /rocks/ and forests.

some of them  still moves invisibly with in human beings. there fore they show themselves to those people whom they choose in addition you must be gifted or anointed by the healing ancestors to able to see their visions or images. 

It is also an invisible spiritual jinns which can do anything invisibly without anybody to see or notice its magical movements.

 It is also believed as an amazing spirits which can trace and detect anybody / anything   lost from anywhere / any place,

 It is a practical security soldier jinns which is reliable in protecting and fighting for its own boss without even needing a gun or security personnel to do the job.

If you need to make  risky deals/business/acquiring properties/quick money without sweat, surely you need it.

Questions to Lovers

Have you ever loved a woman /a man with all your heart and give her /him everything, after that she/he starts to cheat on you?
Have you ever realized how it hearts to make sex to your lover and you don’t satisfy her/him?
Have you ever get a surprising shock when your lover tells you that you have a small and weak penis which doesn’t satisfy her?
Have you ever being told by your lover that if you can’t have a child is going to leave you for another lover?

Question: How effective are your spells?

Answer: Most of my business comes from repeat clients who were happy with their results, word of mouth, and referrals, so I will let you be the judge of that.

Question: Shouldn't each spell be cast during a certain moon phase?

Answer: The journey of learning something new often includes first trying to "learn the rules" of whatever you're learning. The next step is to practice and understand those "rules". The step after that is usually understanding to what degree you need to adhere to those "rules" in order to get the results you want, and to what extent you can bend them, and finally whether you really need them at all. It's perfectly normal and natural for you to go through these steps and stages of inner growth. I have already been through these steps and stages. This is why I can do what I do for a living, and help other people in the process regardless of the Moon's phase.

What works great for one person will not necessarily work great for everyone. Each and every person is a different and unique individual and needs to learn for themselves what works best for them. Many people think there is a "right" and "wrong" way of doing something. The truth is, that the only thing that determines if it's "right" or not, is whether or not it works for them, if it gets them the results they are looking for. And, what works for one person will not necessarily work for everyone. I do what works for me. I am not going to change that just because someone else thinks my way of doing things doesn't fit their "rules." I will continue to do things in the way that gets me the best results, whether or not that agrees with what anyone else thinks is the "right" way to do it or not.