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I need Help Urgently, I've tried Nearly Everything

Posted by spiritualist on December 28, 2014 at 10:20 AM

I need help urgently, I've tried nearly everything, if you don't help me, I give up. See message below it is a sad story.


I'm a 42 year old woman, I have three kids. I'm in a process of a divorce. I've moved out of our marital house in April this year (2014). I couldn't stay any longer in the house. I was emotionally abused by my husband. Me & my husband met in 2003 and all was well & got married (ANC without accruals) in 2007. When we met I had my house & I was working. He convinced me to sell my house, which I did. Then in 2006 I resigned from the company I was working & join another company. Whilst I was working there he said must join him in his company. Then I joined him, working in his company from June 2006 till 02 May 2014. He gave me 40% Shareholding in the company, of which in case we divorce I have to give him back the shares. Whilst working with him we bought two farms and doing crop farming and also I've created another division (Wallpaper & Decor) last year March (2013). The Wallpaper & Decor division it was doing so well. I've done exhibitions (Decorex 2013 August & Homemakers Expo 2014 Feb/March in Johannesburg. In 2011 I've found out that he bought a house in Swaziland worth R1.5m when I asked him he said there is no such. I've stayed with him till I felt its enough. Last year early November the eldest daughter heard us arguing, then she came to our bedroom & said please lower your voices as we can hear everything. Then started to shout at her. She was chased out of the house for that and it was late at night. It was so painful for me, we waited for other kids to finish writing exams, then we moved out. We stayed at the bed & breakfast for a week. He called me to meet with him to talk about the situation. He asked me that we must move back home. We went back home then I decided to look for a place for the eldest daughter. Since then our relationship was not okay. I was crying nearly everyday at work & home. He was insulting me. Then I decided to move out. We moved out with the other two kids. We went to my mom place & where we are living now. But situation it's not good at all. I went to work whilst staying at my mom's. He made it so difficult for me work, then I had to stay home. Only after a month staying with my mom I received divorce papers. I'm currently not working & it's tough. I had some investment money and now it's finished. I don't know what to do. I've been looking for a job but no luck. He has everything I have nothing. I need money to take care of my kids & myself as I don't have any financial support.




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