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I am having all kind of problems I will he honest I was working with a lady and to say she was helping me  My relationship I love him so much and we would be ok but then outta the blue we would just start having problems he would tell me he was good for me he wasn't ready for a relationship. He always put his friends and family 1st he never involved me in the things in his life we always saw each other after or when we did things it was just he and I we never did things with other people. And in the beginning I didn't have problem with it bc we knew people would have a problem with the relationship bc I am a little older than him. But its been 2 years and its the same thing, now be tells me he can't hold me back any longer and he hasn't done his part as my partner but he texts and say what have I done and I miss you etc. I just want my life better I want my job and my relationship but I have to have a commitment from him I know that he's afraid of relationships and commitment but I refuse to have wasted and invest over 2 years of my life on him. I truly believe in my heart he loves me and I truly believe he is the one but there is alot of negative people and talk around us. i checked on your website and knew you are the only powerful healer to solve my problems.

respond yours Annie

Thank you

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