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Concepts behind my relationship

Posted by spiritualist on July 20, 2014 at 7:45 AM

My name is Dawar i spoke to you on the phone last night about my problem i had with my wife seperating with me last week sunday i feel her mom and her ex boyfriend have been interferring in our marriage and that both are using some spells to cause my problem , i also know her ex boyfriend billy which is his nick name has been also doing evil spells against me and alot against my family for many years causing problems with our finances and people turning against us . his real name is Jaun piere theron. and hes always said my wife is his spiritual wife and he would do anything to get her back .


My wife and i have had alot of problems in our marriage because of distrust and people trying to break us up and also we haven had the extra finance to move out into a place of our own which also caused her to become more unhappy and to drink alot . which then caused us to fight or disagree about stuff alot. with her ex boyfriend also being in the picture he also caused me to to distrust my wife and to think she was cheating on me . and then i went out and had fun with my ex girlfriend thinking that i should also cheat on her which was very wrong and bad iidea i really feel bad now that i did it . but also during my marriage when her ex was in the picture we hardly had much sex or intimacy . which before we couldnt get enough of each other. so i suspected there was some cheating going on . also at night she still make these funny noise like she was playing with her self alot and it used to make me not able to sleep and i felt this pressence of evil spirit , when ever i slept next to her . and if we hd sex i would feel sick afterwards which was strange .


Also during our marriage i had 10 dreams in a row of her mom  wanting my wife and i to divorce and to get my wife to move to the uk so i wouldnt see my son again . Plus during the years her mom and family have hardly spoken to me and her mom dislikes me because i would move to the uk and allow my kid to go there with my wife because of the dreams i had for holidays without me being with them.


With regards to her ex i also saw many dreams of her and him having sex with each other and it disturbed me alot in fact i could trust my wife .

likes i said in the past i was and my family by alot of traditional heallers who nt to help fix my problems, plus we had old man staying at my fathers house for years which had known for 30 or more years called matthew mabatha which we later found out he was a singoma and he had been cursing our family for years without us knowing . so forgive me if im a bit scared of traditional healers . but i have a feeling you will be able to help me get my problems right i just trust that you wont turn things back on me like the others in the past have



The help that i would like is to stop my wifes ex boyfriend and her mom from interfering and to also have my wife stand up to her mom for once and to not allow her to control her anymore and for my wife to come back to me . wanting me back and to be inlove with me and no other guy and for us to forget our past problems and trust each other again and to also bring back the sex in our marriage and the happiness and peace once again . and for her to be like the person i first fell inlove wih . plus i would also like my finances to improve so i can provide more for her and my kid and to pay my bills i have and for my business to work so i can also help bless my family and other people that need help to . and for the curses that were placed on me and my family to be removed and the persons stopped no by death but just blocked from ever doing it again and for her ex billy never again to send evil stuff against me or my family again and for him to find another lady to be happy with instead of wanting my wife and for my wife to forget about him and never ever wanna know him again and for her family to finally accept me and to talk to me properly . i aslo want her mom to be blocked from trying to make my wife and i divorce . but i dont want anything bad to happen to her mom just for to stop doing what shes doing.

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